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North Carolina’s economic strength is rooted in the diversity of its cities and towns — a diversity that’s the direct result of allowing local residents to pursue their own unique visions. We encourage you to join in this effort to promote the municipal investments that are crucial to growing our state’s economy, and to educate the public about their importance. No one knows these stories better than the people in the cities and towns where they are happening. Help spread the word about the successes you’re seeing — from mill towns utilizing old resources in new ways, to big cities whose bright ideas are turning them into innovation hubs. By telling these stories, you can ensure that cities and towns have the freedom to act and invest in the ways that make the most sense for their residents.

NC’s 540 hometowns are the engines of our state’s economy. Read their stories and share your own: https://herewegrownc.org/local #HereWeGrow

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